Code of Ethics

In its Code of Ethics, Czech News Center a.s. the publishing house has committed itself to high ethical standards in all its activities. Ethical behavior is on the first place both in journalism and in dealing with business partners, competitors and the general public.

The principles of ethical conduct are a recognizable element of the corporate culture of CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. Internal communication within the rules of good manners and respect is a matter of course for employees of the publishing house. At Czech News Center, compliance with the rules of the Code of Ethics is mandatory for every employee, regardless of their job position.

By signing an employment contract, each employee of the Czech News Center a.s. undertakes to comply with the provisions that the company considers to be important in good public and internal relations. The Code of Ethics has been designed to support the norms and standards that are essential for the effective functioning of a successful company. Employees following the Code of Ethics take care to maintain credibility and journalist honor in publishing activities.