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Every day we bring quality news and entertainment to millions of people. We publish the most widely read printed titles, create multimedia content for the online space and discover the possibilities of the latest technologies.
We are one of the largest media houses in Central Europe.

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Blesk, the most widely read daily newspaper in the Czech Republic, is our flagship. We also publish Sport, Aha! and E15.



Who doesn't know Reflex, Svět motorů or ABC? With us, everyone can choose according to their interest.



For multimedia content, our readers most often go to, or

We have strong brands and titles

We have breakfast, lunch and dinner with our audience. Thanks to the combination of print, radio and online media or events, we are here for them with interesting content on all fronts. Your message will reach people repeatedly throughout the day.

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Digital transformation is

taking place right now

We are looking for new, the most advantageous ways to distribute our content, which is the heart of CNC. Our goal is to offer every reader, listener or viewer a unique mix of news and entertainment tailored to their needs in such a quality that they are happy to come back to us often.

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We rely on the combination of
people and technology

We digitize everything – our media and the functioning of the entire CNC. We are developing new technologies in cooperation with our sister company Gjirafa Tech. We modernize the structure of websites and applications according to world trends. We are expanding our business to all media spheres.

We are looking for enthusiasts to build CNC of the future with us.

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