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31. May 2018

CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. media organisation completes its merger with CN Invest a.s. and Affectio, s.r.o.

On 31 May 2018, CN Invest a.s. and Affectio, s.r.o. as dissolving entities will merge with CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. as the successor company.


The merger will result in the dissolution of CN Invest a.s. and Affectio, s.r.o., with the assets of the dissolving entities, as well as all their rights and obligations, being transferred to the successor company CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. 

The successor company CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. as universal legal successor will enter into all legal and effective legal relations of the dissolving entities. All contracts, agreements and other contractual arrangements will continue to remain in force and effective without any restrictions.

24. May 2018

ABC magazine invite to the Pání kluci family festival

This weekend, 26 – 27 May, the ABC magazine festival for the whole family – Pání kluci – is taking place in the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague. And it’s not just for adventurous boys – girls will appreciate it too.


Páni kluci begins on Saturday 26 May at 10 am in the National Museum of Agriculture building. Entertainment will also be taking place within the adjacent outdoor areas. ABC magazine has chosen the most interesting of topics it has looked at over the last year, and so our young explorers can look forward to a very extensive programme

They can discover the world of virtual reality, try constructing their own robot, fly with drones, test their strength with a race simulator, try 3D printing or dub their favourite children’s films. For athletic children, archery and slingshots will be available. Young art-lovers will also appreciate the opportunity to discover pictures of the old masters, or try drawing comic-book heroes. 

Just like ABC magazine, the programme is designed so that as well as entertaining, it teaches kids loads of new things, with practical demonstrations. Boys and girls can try out some science experiments with “Great Inquisitor” Martin Rota, and a chemistry lab will also be available. In palaeontology, kids can also cast their own trilobite, while professional archaeologists will be revealing the secrets of their work. Also arranged are prize-winning competitions in which kids will need to investigate every corner of the museum. And furthermore a tombola will be drawn three times each day. 

The festival programme will be based around the ABC podium where fascinating guests will take turns giving short talks. At the same time, kids will be able to meet them in person at their stands within and in front of the museum. ABC magazine editors will also be present. 

Páni kluci doesn’t neglect the youngest either, for whom bouncy castles, competition tasks and play areas with SluníčkoMateřídouška and Maminka magazines will be arranged. Also present is a foot court with delicacies provided by event partners, which can be purchased both days.  

Kids up to 18 years of age get free museum entrance, while adults pay a reduced entrance of just 50 CZK, and outdoor attractions are free of charge for all visitors. The festival is taking place at the same time on both days: 10am to 5pm. 

Complete programme available at:

22. May 2018

Bileto, the most modern timetable tool, launching under

Bileto is a service which seeks out public transport connections between any points in the Czech Republic in the most accurate possible way. It combines trains, buses, urban public transport and even boats. Passengers need not know the names of stops; the application only needs to know the position, address or name of the destination and it will find the optimal transportation method including calculating walking times between stops, and it even offers the option of purchasing tickets for…


Czech News Center media organisation through its sister company CIL (Czech Innovation Lab), part of the Czech Media Invest concern like CNC, is expanding its portfolio to include a new type of service for internet users. now provides access to the Bileto timetables service, operating on a platform originally developed by the start-up of the same time within the Rockaway Group. Investment group Rockaway had Bileto in its portfolio for the past four years, during which time it actively worked on its development. The timetables now offer the most modern route planning method, connection finder, and for some carriers even a connection to their e-shop to buy tickets. All comfortably and clearly at one place.

Bileto comprises two sections – timetables being one, and a booking and distribution platform for carriers being the other. Online Director Matěj Hušek adds: “For us, Bileto is on the one hand a way to diversify revenue, and on the other hand we want to offer users of our websites a new user-friendly service.”

As a sales and distribution platform, carriers in particular will appreciate Bileto. They can manage their timetables, prices and information on capacity of links at one site, with all other sales sites receiving the information automatically. Adam Raška, Bileto CEO, elaborates: “We sell tickets through various channels. We work, e.g., like air ticket systems. We have constructed the system such that carriers can manage everything at one place but have the maximum number of ways to sell their connections and services. Sales can also be made through the application used by stewards or drivers who then can also sell tickets. We are administrators of the booking system. We are offering carriers a new sales channel. It’s a shared timetable service whose objective is to go so far that we can sell tickets directly.” 

Bileto is easy to use yet offers everything you could appreciate when travelling anywhere. It endeavours to be more modern, clearer and smarter than other timetables on the internet. It offers intuitive controls without unnecessary details, and adds useful items such as a button for a quick search of the last connection on a particular day. Bileto is also always up-to-date so it can provide the most accurate information possible – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All journeys go through Bileto.

CIL - Czech Innovation Lab is a technology laboratory which works on developing and testing new and innovative projects, technologies and procedures which helps CMI to develop in the digital world.

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