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A comprehensive manual on how to lose weight and get your body into swimsuit shape, designed with a number of sections:

1. Beauty

How can you feel comfortable and confident at the beach? Simply utilise a couple of simple tricks which will make you look great not just in real life, but also in photos. The basis is healthy tanning, choosing the right swimsuit and if you still want to deal with any imperfections then don’t hesitate to utilise our experts, who can help you get rid of varicose veins or cellulite.

2. Exercise

Tone your curves! Try out our exercises focused on problematic areas and in line with your body shape. You can exercise anywhere, even at the beach or in the pool.

3. Food

Diet menu with recipes against cellulite, the latest food trends, dieting tricks from around the world, the best diet in your life? All this you can find in our special. 
Finally, we have loads of inspiration for you, such as how to take photos for instagram, great Czech celebrity tips, or how to spend your holiday a little more actively.



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