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CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. is the strongest media house in the Czech market, which is reaching almost 3.5 million readers and more than 6.5 million Internet visitors through its products. Tens of thousands more use other digital products and CNC applications.

The Media House has five integrated newsrooms - Blesk + Aha !, Sport, Women's titles, auto-moto and online, which work with information according to media type and editorial intent. The flagship is the Blesk daily, which is the best-selling and also the most widely read daily on the market. Daily Blesk complemented by a purely tabloid Aha!. The third daily is the specialised Sport, which in the Czech Republic is the only one dealing exclusively with sporting themes. They are part of the thematic sports attachments and tips for active sports every day. Along with the daily Sport, thematic magazines include Sport Góóul and Sport Magazine. These titles complement a wide range of crossword titles that come under the headline of Blesk, Aha! and Sport.

On www.blesk.cz and www.isport.cz, readers will find an online edition of daily titles accompanied by daily news and more information from the world of show business, sports, entertainment and culture.

In November 2016, the news portal INFO.CZ was launched, which focuses on the most important events not only in politics and business. It brings new insights, analysis and comments that complement the standard news coverage. It attaches great importance not only to the content itself but also to the visual processing that is outweighed by similar competitive projects.

The most important magazine titles include the Reflex weekly, which is the best-selling weekly newspaper in the Czech Republic.

In the women's titles section, the media house has the best-selling women's magazine on the market - Blesk pro ženy. It has been one of the most widely read weekly magazines in the Czech Republic for ten years, thanks to its favourite thematic attachments. Success is also celebrated by professional leisure magazines such as Blesk Hobby, Blesk Zdraví and Blesk Vaše Recepty.

For men, the publishing industry prepares professional auto-moto titles, including the legendary Svět motorů and AutoTip. Both of these titles dominate the leaderboards in the category of sold issues and the highest level of readership section. Regularly, four times a year, a special edition of the Svět motorů (Vehicles, Self Test and Diesel) comes out.

The Internet portal www.auto.cz complements the printed edition of publishers' motoring titles and ranks among the most popular auto-moto domains.

In total, the publishing company prepares 29 magazines and sales specials each year.

More information about each title can be found here.

There are two printers based in Prague and Ostrava, owned and operated under the CZECH PRINT CENTER a.s.

In 2012, a very successful company was launched - the first virtual mobile operator - BLESKmobil, which offers its customers unbeatable calling rates, thus gaining the position of the strongest virtual operator in the country.


The company is entered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File No. 19490
Registered office: Komunardů 1584/42, 170 00 Prague 7
IČ (Company ID No.) 02346826

CZECH NEWS CENTER a.s. is a part of the CZECH MEDIA INVEST a.s. concern


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